Moore-Myers Scholarship Fund

The Moore-Myers Fund is a memorial fund in the memory of Annie Mildred Moore (1919-1988) and Jessie Mae Myers (1930-2000). Moore was a native of Jacksonville, Florida, educator and avid golfer. An entrepreneur par excellent and educator, Meyers was a transplant to New York City from Pamlico, South Carolina. These two women shared a daughter and son in holy matrimony and they both loved The Lord.

The fund was established by the daughter of Ms. Moore, Dr. Justine Redding, and the son of Ms. Myers, Mr. Richard Blackston. Both women were devoted mothers, Moore had seven daughters (Rosalyn, Carolyn, Midreda, Mary Alfreda, Justine, Eldre, and Gwendolyn) and Myers had three children, Richard, Evelyn and Robert (deceased). The legacy of the mother-love for these two phenomenal women gave impetus to the establishment of the fund to help children reach their goals and to become successful; something these women did all their lives.

The purpose of the Moore-Myers Fund is to support underserved children to participate in activities that will undergird their total wellness through physical activities (e.g. golf); self-esteem and leadership programs (e.g., mentoring); and any other activities deemed important for their well-being. We will also provide scholarships. In the end, we hope to help children develop a road map to success, stay physically and mentally active, and to have opportunities to do things they would otherwise not have been able to do without our support.

Applications for Awards
Organizations and individuals may apply for assistance from the fund. Organizations must be a 501c3 for at least five years serving mainly underserved populations; individuals must demonstrate financial need. Initially, the fund will support children ages 5-11years old who want to learn the sport of golf and desire mentoring and where possible provide scholarships. Applications for assistance and support may be initiated by contacting The Black Rose Foundation for Children at or (888) 530-9401.


Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship Fund
Honoring the founder of Bethune-Cookman University and the National Council of Negro Women, this scholarship supports emergency funding for children in state custody, assist with special enrichment activities for them as well as foster children who have aged out of the foster care system. Click here to contribute.


James V. Brooks Scholarship Fund
James V. Brooks was a beloved musician and teacher of music in Jacksonville, FL. A memorial fund established by his sister, Shirley Bing, this fund supports scholarships for students from Jacksonville, Florida pursuing music in higher education. Click here to contribute. All donations are tax deductible


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